CNY Sealing & Plowing’s fleet is equipped to send out back up trucks at a moment’s notice. This means we can guarantee our work 100%! When signing with CNY Sealing & Plowing you are ensuring a stress free winter…free from any excuses that a small, “fly by night company” may offer up.  

Oh no!! Did you choose not to go with CNY Sealing & Plowing this winter? Picture this:

“Its 6 am, after an unpredictable storm hits Central New York, you are just about to leave for work …when you open your door and realize you’re completely snowed in! Suddenly you remember that quote you received from CNY Sealing & Snow plowing earlier this season… unfortunately for you, you thought snowplowing was not a necessity, and chose to face the harsh upstate winters alone! As the regret begins to settle in…. you panic! But …No need to worry! Give us a call… CNY can have you cleared in no time, and on your way to work!”

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The reality of living in Central New York is that we get snow… And a lot of it! So call CNY Sealing & Plowing early and make that investment in a seasonal snowplowing contract, to turn an unrelenting winter into smooth sailing all season long… and if you still don’t believe us …CNY Sealing & Plowing will still be there to bail you out of an emergency situation any time during the season, whether you have a preexisting contract or not! We promise there will be no “I told ya so’s”… Just quality work and fast service anytime …day or night!